Dust mites

Dust mites are grouse little critters and our homes are filled with them.  They are nasty looking microscopic bugs that make their home on dead skin flakes shed from the body of humans and animals.  One skin flake can have more than 10 dust mites living their entire lives there.  They enjoy eating the shed skin continually without ever leaving a single skin flake their entire life!  Not good!  The dust mites themselves are not harmful to humans or animal allergens but what cause much of the problem are their feces that rest on the skin flakes as well.  In the fecal matter there exists nine proteins of a single dust mite dropping and one of them is proven to cause health concerns for human’s bodies.  The hazardous reactions include, eyes itching, asthma issue, snoring, runny nose, mucus drainage, sneezing, wheezing, fever like symptoms and more… Not good!

You may be very clean and keep your house dusted often.  This is very good for an indoor air environment.  I would also like to help point out some other areas in your home you may have not considered for cleaning dead skin flakes.  Places that house skin cells or scales are absorbed are in mattresses, furniture, carpet and other fibrous material.  In these places there is a large amount of microscopic mites dwelling daily because humans and their lovely animals shed approximately 1/3 ounce (10 grams) of dead skin a week.  Yummy in the tummy for the dust mites!  Also pets create even more dander than humans.   Yeah!  Around 100,000 of these little guys can dwell in one square yard of carpet.  Block party for this unwanted guest!  Your mattress can also contain tens of thousands of dust mites. Beds are known to have the most dust mites in the home because humans lay there an average of 8 hours a night.  They can range from 100,000 to 10 million.  That’s why vacuuming your carpets and mattress as well as professional cleanings are a must every year.  Talk about gross!

If you are someone who is suffering from poor indoor air quality then I recommend you have a professional house cleaner come into your home and thoroughly clean your house top to bottom. When your health is a concern price doesn’t matter.  The contact your local carpet cleaner to investigate all the areas that may need attention for cleaning.  Most of us are pros at getting these little creatures out of your home!  The heat and products used will remove the skin flakes and kill all microscopic pests. Most carpet cleaners clean carpets, beds, drapes and upholstery.  When you have these fibers cleaned you will experience a world of difference in your indoor air environment. Also after all this you can purchase air machines designed to clean the air in your home.  Over all my hope is that this information reaches someone whose life can change for the better!     If you live in Flower Mound TX, Frisco TX, Little Elm TX or Lewisville TX, Denton TX, Carrollton TX,  We could love to help you with your cleaning needs.   Also we specialize in upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and air duct cleaning carpet cleaning,.  You can easily reach us at qualitycarecarpetcleaningtx.com or call or texted us by phone at 940-206-2372.