Cleaning with Pets

Pet-friendly odor removal | Corinth, TX

When it comes to our precious pets, we often view them like our own family. Unfortunately, they do have accidents. This causes an unsightly mess and less than desirable smell.

At Quality Care Carpet Cleaning, we use techniques that can solve the smell and sanitation of your carpet or upholstery. We use earth friendly products that eliminate odor and kill bacteria through a rinsing enzyme encapsulating process.

Two forms of treatment:

1. Topical Spray Down

Spray is applied where there are small waste spots on the surface of the carpet, upholstery or bed. In most cases, this will work with small pets unless more than one accident occurs in the same spot.

2. Flash Extraction

A controlled flooding of product is applied to address the backing and padding of your carpet. This is necessary when multiple accidents occur in one spot or done by a larger pet. In most cases, the technician will have to evaluate the situation to determine what is necessary to resolve the situation.