Carpet Cleaning

Corinth, TX Carpet Cleaning

We use eco-friendly products, truck mounted equipment, fans for faster dry times, corner guards to protect your wall corners, and a neutralizing rinsing agent to pull out residue. The most important part to a proper carpet clean is the neutralizing agent designed for extracting alkaline residue from your carpet.

light cleanIf you have ever had your carpets cleaned by a professional or yourself, a detergent surfactant or soap was probably used. Afterwards, you may have noticed reappearing spots or even your carpets got dirtier quicker. The reason for this is because the residue was not properly rinsed out and neutralized. Some untrained carpet cleaners use detergents mixed in their water tanks and eject it into your carpet. It’s only possible to extract 70% of what is put down. 30% of what is left is alkaline and water. It creates a magnet for dirt and therefore you see dirty carpets reappearing. Spots resurface because dirt is pushed upward from the detergent as the carpet is drying.

How long does it take for my carpets to dry after a professional cleaning?

high traffic cleanThe way Quality Care Carpet Cleaning properly cleans your carpet is by using an eco-friendly pre-spray and extracting it by using a neutralizing agent mixed with hot water. The results are no reappearing spots and your carpets staying cleaner longer.

This is why our technicians are trained through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Now you know what it takes to have your carpets properly cleaned. Make the best educated decision for your carpets and choose Quality Care Carpet Cleaning for your next clean.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Corinth, TX Tile & Grout Cleaning

You have a busy lifestyle, so instead of spending your time on your hands and knees trying to clean the tile & grout, let Quality Care Carpet Cleaning do it for you. We’ll get rid of the signs of neglect and old age. The grease and grime that has accumulated in the porous grout lines will be gone, leaving a sparkling floor that looks like new.

Floors get dirty from many different things. In the kitchen, they get dirty from food, grease, and accidental spills. For the bathroom, it’s mildew caused by excess moisture, makeup spills, and other things that you don’t even want to mention. In the entry ways, as well as all the other areas of the home, just ordinary household traffic creates build-up that can be difficult to remove by hand.

Tile and Grout Cleaning | Before and After

Big or small, residential or commercial, you want it cleaned, we do it all. The process we use to clean your floors, along with our specially formulated cleaners, helps clean out the grease and grime from the tile, leaving your floor bright and clean. We can thoroughly clean and protect the grout in between the tiles, which helps keep your floors cleaner longer. We are confident you will be pleased to have us take care of your floor.

Upholstery Cleaning

Corinth, TX Upholstery Cleaning

One of the most common questions asked by our clients is why do they need to get their upholsteries thoroughly cleaned. In reality your sofas, chairs, and linens are just like your carpets and rugs. They get worn over time, especially if you always sit on them. They can be prone to spills and dirt and therefore, become victims of stains and soil. Also, dust can often rest on the fabric and carpet. These dust particles are released from the fabric and then inhaled through the lungs causing respiratory issues. A regular and thorough deep-clean of your upholstery will prolong the life of your favorite furniture and ultimately your health.

We at Quality Care Carpet Cleaning, use the proper cleaning solution and method according to the type of upholstery fabric for each piece of furniture. Therefore your favorite piece of furniture will last significantly longer.

We are IICRC certified in upholstery cleaning. Our estimates will be an honest assessment for the cleaning of each piece of your furniture. No matter what type of cleaning problem you have, we have our professional technician who will address your concerns, from simple to delicate fabrics.

We care for:

  • Leather and fabric
  • Chairs, sofas, loveseats, and more
  • Steam and dry cleaning
  • Fabric wall cleaning
  • Mildew and Mold Cleanup
  • Spots and Odor Elimination
  • Scotch Guard Applications

 Cleaning with Pets

Pet-friendly odor removal | Corinth, TX

When it comes to our precious pets, we often view them like our own family. Unfortunately, they do have accidents. This causes an unsightly mess and less than desirable smell.

At Quality Care Carpet Cleaning, we use techniques that can solve the smell and sanitation of your carpet or upholstery. We use earth friendly products that eliminate odor and kill bacteria through a rinsing enzyme encapsulating process.

Two forms of treatment:

1. Topical Spray Down

Spray is applied where there are small waste spots on the surface of the carpet, upholstery or bed. In most cases, this will work with small pets unless more than one accident occurs in the same spot.

2. Flash Extraction

A controlled flooding of product is applied to address the backing and padding of your carpet. This is necessary when multiple accidents occur in one spot or done by a larger pet. In most cases, the technician will have to evaluate the situation to determine what is necessary to resolve the situation.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct CleaningIf you are like me you look for dust in obvious places like, furniture, top of cabinets, and floors. Where we forget to look is in our air ducts. It’s the simple term out of site out of mind. Our units turn on approximately 70 times a day depending on the weather. When these big units turn on they pull a lot air from our living space and disperse it throughout our homes.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside homes can be several times more polluted then outdoor air. The EPA also states: “indoor air is one of the top five health risks in America.” How can that be? The answer is recycled air. The air is never removed out of your homes so we constantly breath the same air. What our homes contain is pollutants like dust, dust mites and their feces, dander, and pollen accumulate in side homes and these pollutants are particularly troubling to people with allergies and asthma.  This is why air duct cleaning is important.

What about my filter? Does it not filter for my unit? Yes, however most filters used today are only required to be tested for three days then placed on the market as a three month filter. 1 inch filters are known to bend when face loaded to prevent motor burn out. In other words they don’t want to be reliable for units burning out. So air can travel around the filter and leave dust particles dispersed throughout the unit. These particles can blow throughout your home out each vent creating a possible indoor health risk.

Clogged dryer vents are serious fire hazards and they also waste electrical power by making the dryer work harder.  Some of the indications that your dryer vent is clogged and needs to be cleaned are: clothes take longer to get dry, the outside of dryer becomes very hot, the laundry room is more humid than usual or the laundry room has a burnt smell.