Hello and thanks again for visiting Quality Care Carpet Cleaning!

Here’s a little about me.  I’m happily married and I have an adorable little girl.  I live in Denton, TX and enjoy living and serving the north DFW area.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and meeting new people.

When coming up with Quality Care Carpet Cleaning, it was the first predominate name my wife and I knew defined us and set the course for our business.  It was our vision to provide the best service possible in trade and service.

When coming up with the first word “Quality” it reflected the quality of our work.  Not cutting corners but cleaning them.  As a former trainer for a large carpet cleaning company, I believed in providing the most thorough clean possible with skill, quality product and superior cleaning equipment.  So “Quality” set into place to be the first word to uphold the highest standards of our business.

The second was “Care”.  I personally have been noted by others to have a genuine concern for people. This is why ministry and family is such a big part of my life.  So the purpose of our business is to function out of the consciousness of the heart!  It’s a lifestyle we live by always striving to serve with sincerity, first to our Lord, then for our family, friends and customers!

You can be assured, that I as owner and technician, will provide a caring experience, combined with superior skill as your (IICRC) professional cleaner.  You will be taken care the right way!  You are welcome to contact me by phone, email or even this website! Have Quality Care Carpet Cleaning serve you today!

Thank you!

Tim Moore and Family

Thanks again for visiting Quality Care Carpet Cleaning!