May 1, 2020  Published by The Carpet Cleaner’s Wife

We all love a clean home, office, or business.  Being in a clean environment is not only better for our health, but also just mentally makes us feel better.  However, you may find this a bit of a challenge over the past several weeks, with more family members at home 24/7.  I found myself noticing that our living room rug was taking a beating. More daily foot traffic, food spills, soils from outside, not to mention an increase in dog hair.  Yes, someone is losing his winter coat.  At some point, we are going to have guests returning to our home.  Our living room rug is the center of our “hang out” space.  I don’t want my guests to enter our home and their first impression is my rug.  So, what am I to do?  Was it time to clean my rug?

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Doesn’t this lady vacuum her carpet?  Of course, I do!  Well, maybe not me.  Since more people are at home, there are more to help share in the cleaning duties.  My daughter has learned to master the vacuum.  She now knows which level the vacuum should be on between cleaning the thick rug and our hard floors.  She scans the room looking for items on the floor that should be picked up, or cords that should be pushed out of the way, so they don’t get sucked up.  Especially those technology cords to all our devices that we have been using more.  Yikes!  So yes, our first line of defense to keep our area rug clean has been regular vacuuming.  However, this does not always do the trick!  Vacuuming alone might not always be enough to keep it nice and tidy. Make sure to read my small steps to maintain you rug for helpful tips!

Luckily, this is where being a wife of a professional carpet cleaner comes in handy.  My husband and I are the owners of Quality Care Carpet Cleaning.  My husband schedules and does all the labor.  I am the office lady!  Bookkeeper and marketing specialist.  Haha!  We live in Texas and service an up and growing area.  Maybe you have heard of Denton County, Texas.  We serve many great clients in many cities nearby.  Denton, Corinth, and Flower Mound are just a few of the cities we service.  Now to get my rug professionally cleaned, I have to get on the schedule!  My husband does an excellent job, but his clients come first.  I have to wait until he is able to “work me into” his schedule.  Sometimes, he will tell me, we should just spot clean the rug. However, we are now at the point that he agrees it should be professionally cleaned.  Yes!  It has been a year since our last professional cleaning (by him of course). Now, ours is an all to common occurrence of normal everyday use.   Perhaps you are wondering the same.  Should I just do a normal rug cleaning myself or is it time to hire a professional?  Hopefully my tips below will help you come to the right decision!

Small Cleaning Steps to Maintain Your Rug

If you have a home with one or more area rugs, you will want to make sure to be vacuuming them once or twice a week.  Of course, it depends on how many feet you have walking across them. Don’t forget to include animal feet!  Now vacuuming is not going to remove all your dirt and debris that is really deep in the rug’s pile (density of fibers).  However, it will help keep your rugs fairly clean between professional cleanings.  Listed below are a few other steps you can take to help maintain your rugs.


  • Don’t let a spill sit! Spot clean them right away to help avoid staining if possible.
  • Don’t wear shoes on your rugs! Keep that dirt away!
  • Don’t let that rug stay in the same position all year! Rotate it at least every six months to help even the wear on the rug fibers.
  • Don’t just vacuum the part of the rug you see, also vacuum the bottom!
  • Stinky smells; sprinkle a little baking soda over the rug and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before you vacuum.
  • Watch out for fading! If your area rug is in a bright and sunny room, it can cause fading. What can you do to help stop fading?  Try using drapes or blinds in those sunny rooms to help prevent it.


Yearly Rug Deep Cleaning – The Big Step

Normally, area rugs only need to be deep cleaned yearly.  Listed below are a few ways for you to decide if it is time for a professional rug cleaning!

  • Look for a cloud of dust- lift a corner and kick the back, if you see a cloud of dust, you might need a deep cleaning.
  • Place your hand on the rug and move it in a circular motion for 15 seconds, then take a look at the palm of your hand. What do you see?  If you hand is dirty, so is your rug!
  • Check the back of the rug. Do you see dirt deeply embedded in the rug backing?
  • After looking at visible spots and stains for too long, you might want to give us a call!

Contact Quality Care Carpet Cleaning to Professionally Clean Your Rugs

Call or text Quality Care Carpet Cleaning at 940-206-2372 for a professional rug cleaning in Denton County, Texas. You may also fill out a FREE online estimate request on our website- Quality Care Carpet Cleaning.  Our cleaning process will leave your rug fresh, vibrant and restored.  Owner/technician Tim Moore is certified through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  Not only is he professionally trained and certified, but years of experience will deliver professional results you can trust.  Don’t forget to ask about our rug protection services and specialty rug treatments to remove stains, allergens and pet odors.

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