dust allergy
Did you know that dust mites might be the most common trigger of year-round allergies? That’s right, the dust and dust mites in your carpet might be causing your stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

Dust mites hide in the fibers of your carpet when dust gathers. They can be hard to remove without the proper cleaning strategy.

We’re here to give you a few tips to help you out. Keep reading to learn all about managing your dust allergy by cleaning your carpets the right way.

Vacuum Often

How often do you vacuum your carpets? If you’re like most people (especially people without children or pets), the answer is “not often enough.” It’s easy to get so caught up in your day-to-day responsibilities that vacuuming falls by the wayside, but do your best to make it a part of your weekly schedule.

Throughout the week (especially during the winter), dust accumulates in the carpet. After enough time, you’ll start to feel your normal allergy symptoms.

It’s not a carpet allergy; it’s a dust allergy. Get rid of the dust and you’ll get rid of the problem. Vacuum at least once per week (preferably twice) to reduce allergens.

Use a Steam Cleaner

While vacuuming helps, it doesn’t neutralize allergens altogether. If you have pesky dust allergies, you should invest in a steam cleaner for your carpet. You can rent one, but it’s best to buy one if you plan on using it often.

Steam cleaning your carpets will get deep into the fibers to remove dust and grime. It’s often enough to do this every other month, but experiment with your cleaning schedule until you find what works for you.

Wear a Mask While Cleaning

It might seem excessive, but if you have a dust allergy, it might benefit you to wear a mask whenever you’re doing your weekly cleaning sessions. The vacuum will remove the dust from the carpet fibers, but it may also dislodge and send some dust into the air.

Wearing a mask will give you another layer of protection.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Cleaning a carpet the right way isn’t as easy as it looks. When you’re trying to make your home allergen-free, it might be time to call professional cleaners for help.

Professional carpet cleaners will steam clean your carpets with an eco-friendly spray and then remove allergens with a neutralizing agent and hot water. This leaves your carpets soft, clean, and free of pesky dust and dust mites.

Professionals have all of the equipment and products to do the job quickly and efficiently so you can have a comfortable and allergen-free home.

Do You Have a Dust Allergy? Clean the Right Way

When you’re managing a dust allergy, it can feel impossible to keep your carpets clean enough. Your nose is always running and your eyes are always burning!

Next time you have your weekly cleaning session, try out these carpet cleaning tips! When in doubt, hire a team of professionals to help you out.

If you’re ready for professional carpet cleaning services, we want to help you! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.