clean your carpets

There are plenty of things that get your carpets filthy, including dirt, grime, and foods spills. A recent survey found one in four people don’t think they clean everything properly when cleaning their home.

Carpet cleaning makes the house feel new. When you take care of your carpets, they’ll last a long time and add value to your home.

Read on to learn how often you should clean your carpets.


It doesn’t matter what age kids you have in the house. Muddy shoes, pizza parties, and science projects can all contribute to filthy carpets.

Kids spend a lot of time crawling and lying on the floor. Whether it’s watching television or eating, their close contact with the carpets means a constant mess.

How often should you clean your carpets when you have kids? You should hire cleaners at least once each year. Professional carpet cleaners can make sure they get all of the stains and debris out of your carpets for a cleaner home.


Pets are part of your family, and you love them dearly. Cleaning up pet hair, dander, and messy spills is a constant chore when you have pets. Pets track in outside dirt and also shed hair and fur just about everywhere.

If you find that vacuuming at least twice a week, you might consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to remove their odor.

Depending on the age of your pets, they may have an accident or get sick on the carpet. You’ll need to hire cleaners to help get your carpets back to sparkling clean. Daily cleaning is best, but you should hire professionals at least once each year.

Carpet Color

Everyone loves the look of light-colored carpets, but the lighter the color, the more dirt and grime it shows. Carpet cleaning can help get you back to the original color of your carpets.

How often should you clean your carpets when they are light in color? At least once each month. Searching ‘cleaners near me’ can get your carpets to their original color.


Allergies affect 50 million people in the United States. Dust and dander cause you to sneeze, have watery eyes, an itchy nose, and a cough. Don’t let your own home make you sick!

While you should vacuum weekly, hire cleaners every few months to eliminate all of the allergens that carpets trap in your home. When you search “cleaners near me,” you’ll want to find a company that can deep clean all that allergy-creating stuff away!

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

When you have kids and pets, you’ll want to clean your carpets often, with professional carpet cleaners coming into your home at least once each year. It’s much the same if you have a light carpet color or someone in your house has allergies.

Keeping your home clean is a top priority!

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