There are many things you don’t want spilling on your carpet and nail polish is defiantly one of them.  You may be someone who has experienced this unfortunate assurance.  That could be you’re your reading this post as we speak.  Fortunately I have never spilled nail polish in my entire life!  Probably because I’m a dude.   But I have cleaned many of carpets showing the incident of nail polish spillage.  Most often the customer thinks it’s impossible to remove the stubborn stain.  However I have had success multiple times and so I have decided to list below some secrete powers that have proven their capability to remove the impossible nail polish stains over time.



  1. REMOVE RIGHT AWAY! This is the most important step! What is true for almost any type of spill is the longer it sits the deeper it settles. When you give it time to dwell it often penetrates into the fibers and therefore change the dye structure.  Fibers have what is called “dye sites.”   These dye sites are punctured holes in the fibers that allow for the carpet dye to enter the fiber and therefore giving it its fiber color.  Not all dye sites are filled with color dye and can be receptacle for other staining materials.  For example food dyes can easily enter those dye sites then permanently changing its appearance.  Remer the more it dwells the less likely you will be able to remove it entirely so make sure to rush and grab some disposable towels when instantly the spill happens!
  2. BLOT. Blotting is also mucho important. Remember do not rub the spot because it only rubs the nail polish deeper into the fiber and spreading the mess.  Whenever cleaning a spill it’s very important to work from the outside in preventing it from spreading further.
  3. DO A TEST CLEAN. One of the mistakes people make is assuming their carpet can handle just about any cleaning. Not every carpet is made from the same material.  To give you an example, wool and synthetic are two different types of material constructed.  One is made from polyester or nylon and the other is made from animal’s wool.  Most likely sheep.  One is making of natural fibers (wool) and one is synthetic plastic.  Natural fibers can’t handle what synthetic fibers can. Whatever product you use be sure to read what it can applied to without damaging it.  Also be sure to find an inconspicuous area for testing no matter what type of fiber your dealing will.
  4. REMOVING THE STAIN. Use a non-acetone nail polish remover, especially on light carpet. Just know that acetone can damage your carpet.  If your carpet is dark you could try hair spray or rubbing alcohol.  To start pour the product on a rag and do not apply directly on the carpet.  Blot the stain thoroughly.  If these products don’t work try another option, Windex.
  5. RINSE WELL. When your done be sure to saturate the spot well and make sure the odor of nail polish remover is completely removed. Try adding a slight bit of dish soap to the rinse.  Also be sure to rinse out the dish soap with regular so you don’t have residue that can retract soils and create a dirty spot after a while.  When rinsing you can try using a shop vacuum to complexly remove all the excess water and products.


If you have done all there is to do yourself and have had no success then I always recommend contacting your local professional carpet cleaner you are in the Denton, TX, Flower Mound TX, Lewisville TX, Carrollton TX, or Frisco TX you can contact us at or 940-206-2372.  We also specialize in upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pet odor removal and air duct cleaning.  Let us know if you like us to serve you.  Thank you!