People sometimes ask me what is the big deal with carpet cleaning?  Is it really all that important to have them clean at a minimum of once a year.  Well how I answer  that question  is by informing them that carpet cleaning not only can it improve the appearance of your home and maintain its life span, carpet cleaning can also be one the best ways to help improve the your overall families health.  The American Lung Association released information sating that if people in your household are having current breathing issues, such as asthma and snoring then vacuuming three times a week is crucial.  And as well having your carpets professionally cleaned  by a certified IICRC company once a year will help with maintaining a safer and cleaner indoor air environment.  So Below I have a few ways professional carpet cleaning can help with maintain a much  healthier happy house.

  1. Hot water extraction otherwise known as “steam cleaning” will remove embedded pollutants

The Environmental Protection Agency has provided information showing a dirty carpet can carry many unwanted partials such as pet dander, ,lead, cockroach allergens, pollution particles and dirt and dust and so on…  Attached to the surface of these dangerous particulates is toxic airborne gases.  By walking, running, crawling or vacuuming over these particles can cause a release of these toxic gasses making them airborne.  One of the best benefits with professional carpet cleaning with H.W.E. method by truck mount  is it can kill bacteria with special products and remove embedded pollutants with deep penetrating  p.s.i. force, heat and high-powered suction. Wow!

  1. Deep cleaning can remove dust mites.

The majority of homes in the world have dust mites living, eating and breeding in them.  Most people are completely unaware because they are so small you can’t see them with your eyes.  Dust mites do not cause allergens, but they live and eat on our skin flakes and because they do their lovely feces contain nine proteins and one of these proteins have been teste to cause heath concerns.  What’s best about professional carpet cleaning with H.W.E. method is the hot water temperature will kill them.  What’s also important to note besides having your carpets cleaned for dust mites also having your beds, upholstery and drapes professionally cleaned as well.  All these materials can also contain skin flakes with dust mites living thrive on.

  1. Deep steam cleaning can prevent mold growth.

In States with high humidity, dirty carpets are more capable of developing slight mold growth caused by the moisture they can easily absorb.   Usually in rainy humid weather vapors of water often make their way into our homes and can sink deep into our carpet fibers without us knowing it.  Having your carpets professionally cleaned can help destroy mold growth.  However they must use fans and high powered drying equipment to eliminate moisture and not adding to it.

I hope this information has helped inform the need for carpet cleaning beyond the necessity for clean carpets but for the priority of a healthier living environment.  If you live in Denton TX, Lewisville TX, Flower Mound TX, Carrollton TX, Little Elm TX or Frisco TX and need carpet cleaning , tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or air duct cleaning then Quality Care Carpet Cleaning is here to serve.  You can contact us at or 940-206-2372.