Carpet maintenance is considered most important for the esthetic and long Gevity of your carpeted floor.   People who don’t keep up with the up keep of their carpets find themselves wanting their carpets replaced quicker than they should.  In this blog I will share a little bit about what you can do to help keep your carpets looking their best!

What may people don’t know is that the carpet mills the creators of your carped recommend having your carpets professionally steamed cleaned every year.  Your carpets will last much, much longer by doing so.   It’s kind of like changing the oil out of your vehicle engine.  If the dirty oil is not removed then eventually over time the inside of the engine will become warn and as a result its life span will be shorten.  Carpet fibers respond the same way to soils and natural oils.  These unwanted particulates are very damaging to carpet fibers.  What many people don’t know is if you look at one piece of dirt under a microscope it reveals 26 edges looking like broken glass.  So when you step on your carpet with dirt it cuts at the gleam of the carpet.  This causes high traffic ware.  Also natural oils from feet or pets causes the dirt to stick on those high traffic areas so when you walk on them you’re crunching the fiber and dirt creating fiber abrasion.   If you are already noticing a buildup of oil and dirt on those high traffic areas then chances are damage is already accruing.  Hot water extraction and the proper product used by a professional carpet cleaning can remove the oils and soils.

The most preferred method for cleaning your carpets in the industry is steam cleaning.  This method can penetrate the fibers with hot steam water and rinse them thoroughly by removing those damaging soils and oils.  Also the carpet mills only recommend this type of cleaning for the carpet.  Some warranties can be voided by using other methods of cleaning.

So when you think of carpets being cleaned every year think of it like a maintenance plan.  You do it for your car and your teeth.   Try it now for your carpets.  You will be satisfied with their consistently maintained look and longevity.    Some carpet cleaners like me offer a discount for first time customers.   If you are needing a carpet cleaning in The Colony TX, Denton TX, Lewisville TX, Corinth TX, Flower Mound TX, Carrollton TX, Little Elm TX or Frisco TX we can serve you! And we also do, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or air duct cleaning.  You can contact us at or 940-206-2372.