Before I recommend the structure of carpet I want to share some critical information about the make of the carpet.  About 11 years ago the carpet mills started making carpet out of Polyester fibers instead of Nylon fibers.  Polyester is basically made of recycled coke bottles.  It doesn’t have the durability that Nylon has.  The high traffic ware can be noticed within one year.  Also it’s not the best for cleaning.  It doesn’t clean as well as nylon.  If at all possible purchase your carpet with nylon fibers.  It will save from having to replace your carpet sooner.

When I’m out cleaning carpets every day of the week I notice certain nylon carpets lasting longer than others.   I look for the fibers that are more stain resistant than others as well as tolerant to traffic ware.  Through my observations I have noticed Berber carpet to be the better choice.

Below I have listed both pros and cons for purchasing Berber carpet.  Check it out!



5 Advantages to having Berber carpet


  1. Durability: By far the best durability is Berber carpet.
  2. Stain resistant: If you who have kids or pets Berber carpet are very spill and stain resistant except for oil.   Unlike other carpet designs Berber can be cured of Kool Aid, wine and other stain substances.  The only problem with berber is it can absorb spills quickly.  That means though the drink spill can be not noticeable on the top surface, the padding can be full of it.  If you clean a drink spill be sure to absorb as much as possible and do not over saturate to where it can reappear.
  3. Aesthetically good looking and versatile: Berber carpets have unique designs and color schemes. Berber carpet often has a flecked color scheme allowing it to have a great ability to adapt to several interior design schemes.
  4. Comfort: Berber carpet’s looped design with a good carpet padding provides a fair cushiony feel under your feet. This is especially true with wool and nylon varieties. Olefin and polyester also share this feel to some degree. However, some people have told me that olefin and polyester to have a rough feel on bare feet.
  5. Economical: Berber carpets are known to be a great value compared to others.


3 Disadvantages


  1. Snags:  It is possible to snag a loop of Berber carpet. There is thread of beber that can stick out and if left untreated, the snag can unravel and cause a much worse problem. Especially with a vacuum cleaner.    In order to fix this just simply cut the thread then use the tip of a hot glue gun to seal the tip form future unraveling.   While snags are possible, the majority of people with Berber carpet don’t have a problem with snagging.
  2. Rough: Some people do think the cheaper Berber carpets have a rough feel. With this in mind, many families have cheaper olefin Berber carpets and find them very comfortable.
  3. Cats: Some people have found that their cats like to use Berber carpet as a scratching post.


I hope that if you’re considering Berber carpet that this post has been helpful to you.  There is more information out there about beer and can assist you in your purchasing decisions I

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