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Winter often brings colds, flu strains, and COVID spikes. As the air becomes colder, many people retreat into their homes to stay healthy. Yet, sometimes your indoor air quality can threaten your health as much as the outside air.

How does this happen? The answer relates to your HVAC system.

Your HVAC system filters air from outside and circulates it through your home. However, as this happens, the air ducts in your system become progressively dirtier. As this occurs, it lessens your interior air quality.

That’s why air duct cleaning services are so critical. These expert cleaners can get into your ducts and remove dirt buildups.

But, not all air duct cleaning crews are created equal. So, we’ll give you six tips for choosing the best service in the guide below!

1. Are the Air Duct Cleaning Services Certified?

The first thing to check is that your air duct cleaning crew has the right certifications. Usually, this certification comes from NADCA.

Essentially, this certification proves your crew knows how to clean a dirty air duct. It demonstrates that the service has air duct cleaning specialists in their staff and clean according to NADCA standards.

2. Look for Licensing and Insurance

The next thing to look for is that the company has the necessary licensing and insurance. Cleaning out a dirty air duct may not sound like a dangerous task, but errors can happen. A company providing insurance can protect your household from liability.

Licensure also matters significantly. This license verifies that the company has authority from the state to clean air ducts.

3. Ask About Free Inspections

Make sure your HVAC cleaning services offer a free inspection. This inspection finds signs of a dirty air duct and assesses their severity.

Once a company knows this, they can offer an estimate for the job. We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

4. Get Estimates From Multiple Companies

It’s often a good rule of thumb to receive estimates from three companies. This way, you can compare rates and packages to decide who offers the best services. Doing this also helps you determine if the prices you’re receiving are standard or unfair.

5. Ensure Rates are Realistic

As you compare rates, ensure they seem realistic. Sometimes, companies will offer significantly lower prices to entice people into hiring their services.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for a discount. However, a price that seems too good to be true usually is.

6. Check for References

Once you find a company that seems legit, see what others say about them. You can usually see what past customers think by searching for online reviews. Alternatively, you can also ask the company for references.

Generally, a company should provide you with three references upon request. If they refuse to do so, you may want to look for another technician.

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If you’re wondering, “are my air ducts dirty?” there’s one way to find out. Use these tips to find air duct cleaning services you can trust.

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