air ducts

Air quality inside the home is just as important as it is outside. Much like how trees keep the air clean and flowing properly, air ducts have a similar function in residences. While nature has a way of cleaning itself, man-made systems require much more maintenance.

The purpose of air ducts is to remove toxins from the home and store them in filters. After a period of time, however, they need to be cleaned. It can be difficult to know exactly when that time is, but there are a few warning signs that you can be on the lookout for.

Read on for the five signs that it’s time to clean your air ducts.

1. Health Issues

If your house is making you sick, then dirty air ducts may be the cause. Several health problems such as asthma, allergies, and increased stress can all be linked to your ducts. The issues can be a clear indication that a buildup of harmful bacteria is present in your home and they should be handled immediately.

2. Constant Dust

Not only is dust unsightly and annoying, but it’s also a sign that an air duct cleaning is needed.

If you’re finding that dust is present no matter how often you clean your home, then it’s likely that your ducts are dirty. When this happens, make sure to examine your vents and contact an air duct cleaning service and have your space thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

3. High Energy Bill

Increased energy bills don’t always mean that you’re using more electricity, it could very well be an indicator of underlying issues. Sometimes air ducts get so dirty that air can’t flow freely throughout the home. When this happens, rooms receive uneven airflow and it’s an uncomfortable experience for residents.

4. Visible Mold

Air conditioning systems create condensation which can lead to the development of mold. This can spread quickly throughout the home and is visible around the vent area. Another way to detect mold is through smell as it will leave your house with a musty odor.

Mold can also trigger health issues and is a serious hazard. If you do suspect that it’s in your home, act fast to contain the spread and keep your home safe.

5. Rodent and Pest Infestation

Rounding out our list is the most alarming sign. Dirty air ducts are breeding grounds for unwanted guests such as rodents and pests to enter your home. You may not see the creatures but their presence is visible due to their urine and feces coming through the ducts.

This can also lead to health issues and can damage your HVAC forcing you to fully replace your system.

Save Your Bucks With Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts are meant to filter air and provide a safe environment. While it’s easy to forget about them, these warning signs are a great reminder of their significance.

It’s much cheaper to pay an air duct cleaning cost rather than to pay the price of a whole new air conditioning system. The purpose of our list is to help you spot immediate issues, but we hope that it also prompts you to be more attentive and proactive with your air ducts.

Are your air ducts in need of quality care? Contact us today for more information on how we can help!