how to clean an area rug

Rugs are a great way to capture dirt and add aesthetic in households with any type of flooring, including carpet. But, that also means they get dirty faster. And, if you’ve caught yourself wondering how to clean an area rug, you could be in big trouble because maintenance is key to preserving the life of your rugs.

If you’re stuck in this predicament, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re discussing some tips that will help you determine the proper care for your precious (and likely) expensive rugs. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Clean an Area Rug at Home

Keeping your rugs clean is imperative for the overall health of you and your family. But, maintaining them properly involves a little dedication. These tips will help you keep you, your family, and your rugs safe.

1. Identify the Material

Rugs are similar to carpet, however, rugs come in many different types of materials that must be maintained according to their composition. For example, a shag rug vs. a rug that mimics Berber will require significantly different care. This may be something you’ll want to think about when you’re actually purchasing new rugs for your home as well.

2. Shake It/Beat It

The great thing about rugs, unlike carpet, is that they can be removed from the home and cleaned in other locations like the garage, for example.

The first thing you should do when cleaning your rugs is to take them to a wide-open, clean spot outside and shake them and beat them with a hard, long stick. Something like a broom or an old wooden handle from a yard tool works wonders to help shake the dirt loose.

3. Vacuum It

After you shake it and beat it, the next step for how to deep clean an area rug at home is to simply vacuum it. You can also brush it with a carpet comb if you have pets that shed. Then, vacuum it again.

4. Scrub It

Next, you’ll want to research how to clean an area rug with a steam cleaner. It’s pretty basic stuff once you purchase some DIY rug cleaner solution. This step is best performed in the garage so you can immediately hang the rug somewhere to dry.

5. Turn It

Finally, as preventative maintenance and after you’re done cleaning the rug, turn it every few weeks. This will prevent wear and tear in the same tracks where the most traffic walks on your rug. If it’s a square or round rug, you can turn it 45 degrees but you’ll need to rotate it 180 degrees if it’s oblong.

How To Clean an Area Rug When You Can’t Get the Stains Out

If you’re still lost on how to clean an area rug on your own, don’t worry too much; there is help available! A professional carpet cleaning service has all the tools and expertise needed to get your rugs looking new again.

When you’ve got a pesky stain or just want your rugs to last, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll get a service representative out to your home in short order so you can save time and get those rugs clean!