When most kids are asked to clean house, the word “fun” doesn’t ring loud in your minds.  However, cleaning can be tons of joy for you and your whole family!  I highly recommend this during those long hot summer breaks where children are home making lots of crazy messes that seem like an unending tornado that seems to never end. Below I have listed some ideas for fun family cleaning ideas that not only help to clean the house but also help create much needed fun family bonding!

There are many of practical and creative things you can invite the kids to get involved in your everyday cleaning.  One important consideration is to keep in mind is that your children love pretending, so you can invite them to join you into a time of “pretend play” allowing the job to become exciting to them.  To start with, you can pretend that you are maids, butlers, Cinderella or better yet a super carpet cleaner cleaning everything off the carpet with lightning speed super powers!  To make it more exciting you can dress yourselves into character.  This is a great way for total engagement with your littlest cleaners, making things all the more fun.  Remember your now putting your energy into creative ways of engaging verses the constant frustration of trying to get them cleaning.  When doing the imaging way not only will the children be eager to get in on the vacuuming and mopping, but they will fight each other as to who gets to do what first!  Who knows maybe you will start their clean habits early instead of trying to teach them in their messy teenage years!

Another great tip for causing cleaning fun is the use of interactive games.  Children love engaging games and competition that challenges them to win.  Here’s a fun example, start by seeing who can get their room the cleanest.  Implementing a timer is a good idea for the fastest.  This is to see who can “race the clock” to get their chore done the fastest.  Introduce a reward like candy bars or yummy ice cream.   Another idea is a scavenger hunt and ask your child to search for items as they clean.  For younger helpers who are just learning shapes and colors, you can encourage them to pick up and sort items by color and sizes.  If you don’t like the candy bar or yummy ice cream idea then simply distribute wining ribbons to the child who is the most helpful and completes their chores on time.

Take your child on a cleaning shopping spree and let them pick out some cleaning tools that are colorful and just their size.  Using kid-sized tools will definitely make for a joyful helper.   This is a wonderful way to introduce children to a variety of different supplies and their uses.   This is an education for cleaning as well as fun to go with it!

Singing and dancing is a blast of cleaning fun!   Nothing makes cleaning all the more exciting!  If you can’t carry a tune or make one up then just simply turn up the music and have a blast while cleaning.  Your children will love getting to play their favorite songs and all the while helping clean the home.

Like I said cleaning in a routine with your children will instill responsibility and implementing the importance of having a clean home.  They will feel good about cleaning and have attached a positive experience with it.  In time they will know  the satisfaction of accomplishment as they are participate in the chores of a clean and happy home.  Remember cleaning does not have to be a dread but an activity that can help with family connectivity, producing responsibility and sustaining a cleaner and healthier home!

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