1. We love our Children and pets but we don’t love the messes they can often create. Especially the moments they don’t realize the mud or doggy dumplings they track in or even the food and drinks they spill all over our beautiful purl white carpets.  Also it seems they like to burn rubber by racing in our high traffic areas that leads to build up and wear.   Most defiantly, having children and pets often times require professional carpet cleaning to help carpets maintain their luster and appeal!
  1. Pets are a lot like our children; they tend to make messes all over our carpets and don’t care! They drool, track in dirt, mud and don’t even try to make their way outside for all those unwanted accidents that end up on our beautiful purl white carpet. Especially dogs who find rain as an inconvenience for using the bathroom outside.  Funny thing is they don’t bother to tell you about the invisible mess they leave until you step in it and then they give you the sad look.  It can be hard to punish such a poor is me face!  If you had an adorable pet I think you would know what I’m talking about.
  1. Sometimes those stubborn stains that just won’t come out. No matter what you’ve tried, you’ve scrubbed, spotted with cleaners and pulled out all your hair in the process and are only left with a head ache and stubborn stain.  This is where the light bulb idea appears over your head.  In this case you call your local professional carpet cleaner to handle this impossible situation.  Even if they can’t clean them out with the regular clean there are special technics that can remove stains such as, wine, glue, candlewax, pen ink, paint, baby food, tomato sauce, juice, and so on…   So just remember, if you can’t get rid of a stain more than likely your local professional carpet cleaner can!
  1. If you are hosting a big event. There is nothing like having your carpets professionally cleaned right before a big gathering.  It makes you feel good to know people not going to notice all the spots and messes all over your carpet.  Plus it has a new fresh look and smell that seems inviting. Also may it may not be a bad idea to have them professionally cleaned right after the party.  Besides you may have to with a few drink and food spills.
  1. If you have not had your carpets cleaned in one year or longer. The carpet mills recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at a minimum of one year. Many of the carpet mills will void your warrantee by not having them cleaned and protected every year.  Even if you don’t notice unwanted messes or dirt it’s a very good idea to have them cleaned once a year.  There is dirt and natural oils because of bare feet or pets that can only be removed by professional cleaning.  Dirt is very damaging to carpet because of its sharp edges.  This is what carpet mills become most concerned about.  High traffic ware is the result of not having your carpets maintained.   It’s the same as not changing the oil in your car.
  1. You want your carpets to look new again. This is an obvious reason to get your carpets cleaned.
  1. You want to have your carpets to be easier to maintain.
  1. Allergies possibly the most important reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Especially often as possible.  As we live in our homes we shed skin an enormous amount of skin flakes.  These flakes create a home for dust mites.  It is a living feasting table for them.  It is where they make their homes.  They live and feast day and night on one piece of dead skin.  Multiple ones gather on that one piece of dead skin releasing excrement that contain nine proteins.  One of the nine proteins is proven to be harmful to the human body.  When we breath them in it cause allergy symptoms to appear.

In conclusion carpet absorbs a massive amount of dust and is the best air filter in the house.  They are considered the biggest air filter in your home.  Just like any air filter that needs changing so carpet needs to be professionally cleaned to help maintain an indoor quality air environment.   The EPA has listed indoor air as one of the top five health risks in America.  It recycles constantly through our HVAC systems and is projected everywhere in our homes.   That’s another reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned removes these unwanted partials.

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