When I’m out cleaning carpets in people’s homes I’m often asked if carpet ‘protectors’ really work?  It’s a good question because it seems unnecessary or even a scam to simply spray a product to coat the fibers and claim it as a “protection” for carpet fibers.  I myself have thought the same thing.  After being educated on the function of carpet protection I then became a fan.  I will answer this question for you in the following paragraph.

When your carpets are made by the manufacture in the carpet mills they intently spray a protective coating over the fibers.   The reason for this is because the fibers have what you call ‘dye sites’.   What ‘dye sites’ are punctured holes in the fiber that allows the carpet color dye to enter the sites.  You may ask why coat the fiber when the holes are filled with dye?  Because not all the holes are filled with dyes and can therefore receive a foreign dye, like a drink with a dye in it then create permanent stain inside your carpet fiber.

You may be asking yourself if your carpet is already protected by the carpet mills then why reapply after a professional cleaning?  The answer to this question is when the carpet mills place this protective coating it’s a light spay with a soft feel and flexibility.  This allows the fiber to fell soft and natural and not stiff.  The downside to this, because its designee to flex and bend with the fiber it is somewhat brittle and can break off.  It can be worn off by traveling, vacuuming and professional high ph. cleaning.  Because of these factors is why you need to reapply protector after every professional clean to assure your investment is secure.

Another reason for the protector is to help with traffic ware.   Dirt has many edges, like broken glass and can dull the fiber just by walking on it.   The protector helps shields the fiber from being damaged.

Another great thing about protectors is how they help with professional cleaning.   Dirt, oil, food stains and many other unwanted substances that usually create a permanent stain will have a lower chance of staining the carpet fibers when the carpet protection is applied.   This is because these things remain outside of the fiber verses entering inside.

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