Its amazing how many places you never thought about cleaning!  If your like me its almost out of sight out of mind.  I could almost not care.  But for some they want to know where even the slightest of dirt may be hiding.  They want to get to the bottom of it!  If your this type of person then I think you will find this blog most helpful.

  1. Your T.V. remote!

Does it ever cross your mind to your remote control while watching TV?  I know I certainly don’t!  The next time you choose to chill out and enjoy your preferred movie, you should consider grabbing a wet disposable towel or damp cloth and try cleaning your oily dirty remote, especially if your little ones use it!  The amount of bacteria and build up on your often used tv remote can be a revelation.  Check your white clean cleaning cloth after cleaning and be amazed at what your eyes behold!

  1. Your Vehicle Steering Wheel

You might be thinking your car steering wheel looks fine however take a white damp towel, scrub it real good and you may be appalled at what you will see being removed from your steering wheel!  What about all the other folks who like to drive your vehicle besides just you?  For example: Whenever you get your oil changed and its driven by the shops tech or taken to the mechanic or even your 16 year old new driver child who probably doesn’t wash his hands after the bathroom or even still picks his nose!  Wow!

  1. Pop Up Sink Toppers

These things get full of hair and a black slimy goop created over time.  Just pull it up and rub your finger underneath and find yourself in discus!  You can clean it by removing from the drain and wiping it or you can use vinegar and baking soda and pour it into the drain and close it with sink topper.  This will clean your whole drain and topper. Though if your sink topper has hair raped around it, you may have to remove the hair by hand.  Be careful when mixing these vinegar and baking soda because you will notice a volcano type of reaction.

  1. Air duct return vent

What return vents are is where the air of your ac unit sucks the air to it.  The face of these vents can get full of dust.  There are several ways to clean air duct return vents.  The first one is simply grabbing a knife then a thin wet rag on the end of it.  Then stick it inside the grills and move back and forth to thoroughly clean them.  Another way is simply pulling the screens off with a screw gun or screw driver and use a shop vacuum hose to suck out the dust.  Or if you don’t like doing the work you can call your local air duct cleaner.   They do a lot more than just clean the vent faces.  They have equipment designed to go into the air tubes to clean all the dust in your unit. And not only can they clean out your returns but all of your vents as well.

  1. Credit Cards

You may not be grossed out by the idea of just you touching your own credit card but think about the people who cash you out behind the counters.   They touched yours and many others.   Think about all the germs!

  1. Can Opener

Most people hardly ever consider washing their can opener.  I’ll admit I’m one of them.  Think of how often you use your can opener and the amount of different canned food material layered on it!

  1. Your Kids Legos

Think about how many pieces are touched and how often your kids wash their hands before play time?  The easiest way to clean them is by placing them into a special laundry bag and then place into your washing machine.

  1. Your Knife Block

Depending on how much you cook you may want to consider taking all of your knifes out of your knife block that hold them and then clean the block.

  1. Your Bath Mat

Just think of all the water that falls in your bathroom floor! These are a breeding ground for mold.

  1. Your Tooth Brush Holder

Ever taken your tooth brush out and looked down in there?   It’s amazing the amount of saliva and tooth paste that drips into the bottom of those tooth brush holders.


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