The Mystery of the Reappearing Carpet Spots

A common problem noticed by most people who have had their carpets professionally cleaned, can testify to having reappearing spots.

This is a term called “wicking.” It is cause by large saturation that makes its way into the backing and padding of your carpet. Because the top of cleaned with water it is released to the pad and therefore causing a drying upwards of unwanted spots. It’s just like a wick in oil. If it remains in the oil it appears on the top surface.

Another cause for these spots returning is because of residue left in the carpet. Things that cause this are spotters or oil substances like lotions. When left in the carpet and not rinsed well they will cause dirt to stick like a magnet and reappear over a short period of time.

If you have a professional carpet cleaner come and clean at your house be sure to explain what you have in your carpet so he or she can properly deal with the situation.