After a professional hot water extraction cleaning of your carpets by Quality Care Carpet Cleaning the carpet will generally take 4-6 hours to dry completely.  I have even seen them dry as quick as two hours. We use industrial fans that help cut the dry time dramatically.  There are other considerations that add to the dry time.


  • If it’s hot and humid it can add time.
  • Cool days can help as long as no humidity is in the air. Try opening windows.

Air movement / circulation

  • This is the most significant factor in drying your freshly cleaned carpet.  Obviously, opening up windows on a beautiful day will help to dry your carpets.
      • Using your home furnace fan is a big help.  If you switch your furnace fan to ON position after you have your carpet cleaned this will cause your furnace fan to continuously circulate the air in your home.
      • Ceiling fans, turn on all your ceiling on in rooms that have them will l help significantly to dry your clean carpet.  Also using other plug in fans will help.
      • Keeping doors open- this allows air to flow freely throughout your house.

The fiber type/makeup of your carpet

  • Depending on your type of carpet, some absorb much more water than others.

It’s important to note that when your carpets are cleaned do not place furniture on it without putting some sort of protection under the legs. If it’s metal it can leave a rust stain and if it’s wood it will leave a wood stain. We use foam blocks to help with this.