We love carpets. There are several great benefits of carpet. It’s soft, cushioned, and keeps our feet warm.

Unfortunately, carpet is a bit more difficult to clean than hard floors. Once something spills on the carpet, the carpet fibers will quickly absorb the spill. If not cleaned properly, it’ll then turn into a stain.

Carpet stains might seem impossible to clean, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your carpets are kept stain-free all year long. Continue reading the guide below to learn more!

1. Clean It Right Away

One of the first carpet stain tips to know about is to clean the stain right away. As soon as you see the spill happen or notice the stain, you want to act on it. If you allow the stain to set, the spill will dry up into the carpet fibers. 

Not only can a spill stain the top layer of the carpet, but it can also seep down into the cushion beneath the carpeting, which then causes a stain to keep appearing even after you clean it several times. The best way to avoid a carpet stain from developing, to begin with, is to treat it with blotting and a carpet stain remover as quickly as possible. 

2. Blot First

Before you apply any type of liquid to the stain, the first thing you want to do is blot it. Blotting the stain helps remove as much of it as possible from the carpet before you attempt to clean it. To blot the stain, take an old rag or towel and place it on top of the stain. 

Gently press down until the towel absorbs the liquid. You may have to do this a few times with clean towels until all excess moisture is lifted from the stain and no more will lift up. Then, you can proceed with treating the stain with a carpet or DIY stain remover. 

Be sure to scrub in an inward circular motion to avoid spreading the stain to other carpet fibers. 

3. Contact the Professionals

When all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Professional carpet cleaning services can help remove stains from your carpet whether they’re old stains or new ones. With the right products and equipment, they can easily lift the stain out of your carpet. 

A quality carpet cleaner will also know how to prevent the stain from returning and how to ensure all of the residues from the cleaner are removed to prevent dirt from forming in that area. You’ll then have a quality carpet clear to contact when needed. 

Are You Dealing With Stubborn Carpet Stains?

Have you been dealing with stubborn carpet stains too often? Are you having a difficult time removing that old stain? Don’t hesitate to contact Quality Care Carpet Cleaning. 

You can be assured that you’ll receive a caring and high-quality experience provided by an IICRC certified professional cleaner. To request more information or schedule an appointment, contact us today!