carpet care

So, you just installed your brand new carpet. Congratulations! Your home feels new and clean and you’re thrilled to sink your toes into the plushness.

But, now comes the hard part; carpet care. It’s not as easy as sweeping but probably easier than mopping hard floors. So, what’s the happy medium?

In this article, we’re discussing carpet care tips that will last you a lifetime.

Carpet Care Tips That Will Save You Headaches

With every new addition or improvement to your home inevitably comes new responsibility. And, the same goes for your carpets, whether they’re brand spanking new or starting to wear. Take a peek at these tips to help you maintain a pristine looking home.

1. Implement a No Shoe Policy

It all starts at the door. Dirt and even dust gets tracked indoors on your shoes and even if you have hard floors at the entrances to your home, the dirt will still find its way onto your precious carpets. Tell the family and visitors to take their shoes off at all entranceways to help preserve your carpets.

2. Clean Up Stains Right Away

Let’s face it, carpet care and maintenance isn’t easy with kids and/or pets running around. But, that’s no excuse not to clean up stains and messes immediately to prevent your carpets from soiling. Besides that, it’s not healthy to allow dirt and stains to settle in as they breed bacteria and other allergens.

3. Vacuuming is Key

Of course, you already know that you need to vacuum your carpets, but did you know that the frequency at which you do so makes a difference in the life of those carpets? Regular vacuuming, depending on the traffic in your household is essential to prevent dirt from getting deep within the threads.

4. Replacing Vacuum Bags and Filters is Imperative

While you’re vacuuming, make sure you’re also replacing the filters and/or bags in your vacuum cleaner. Not doing so can cause clogs that prevent the unit from suctioning properly.

5. Using Baking Soda Helps

A little known secret in the pet community is the use of baking soda on carpets before vacuuming. Sprinkling it throughout the house about 10 minutes before you vacuum will help erode bad smells and leave your room smelling fresh and clean.

Bonus Tip: Use Area Rugs

Just because you have carpet doesn’t mean you can’t use area rugs. Especially if you have kids or pets, area rugs can be a great way to prevent dirt and stains from spilling onto your prized carpets. Use them in high traffic areas like hallways and near furniture where pets lay or children carry food and drinks.

Carpet Care 101: Call the Professionals

The best thing you can do to maintain your carpets is to perform regular carpet care. But, everybody needs a little help now and again. That’s when it’s time to call a professional carpet cleaner to get the deep dirt out and keep your carpets looking new.

Contact us at least once per year to get the job done right. We’re happy to service your home and take some of the stress out of maintaining your carpets.