Plan on starting a business?

I’m proud to say that Quality Care Carpet Cleaning has reached its fifth year in business!  Through hard work and diligence we have acquired the success that many only dream of!  If I was to point to the key reason for our success it would be quality over quantity.  We learned that online reviews and word of mouth was the best way to attract customers and not just that but good paying customers.  It’s our niche of being a good, local and owner operator that has set us apart from the rest.

If your someone interested in starting a small business. Below I have listed some suggestions to help you start off on the right foot.  These are some things I have done to find myself in my 5th year of business making a take home profit close to $100k a year.

  1. When starting out you must first fully understand what was the cost of your operation?
  2. How much did I need to profit above my expenses in order to live? For me my wife worked which helped to sustain.  You need this or at least 1 year living expenses saved before starting.  Most business don’t profit for the first year.
  3. After calculating what I needed to make in one month I then broke it down to the week, day and per job average. From there I set my prices. Setting prices are very important.  I needed to make at least $100 an hour on the job to cover cost and taxes and make a good profit.  It is foundational to building your business right!  Don’t compromise for more work under what you need to make an hour!
  4. I needed to know how many jobs I needed in one week in order to accomplish my financial goal.
  5. In order to have profit I tried to beat the necessary amount of jobs needed just to pay my bills.
  6. In the beginning of my business I came up with over 9 different affordable ways of advertisement. I joined a chamber (only $300 a year), developed a referral program (sent thank you cards to those who referred), knocked on doors, did door hangers (vista print), visited business handing out my business card (landed a hotel that makes me around 1,300 a month of steady income), developed and a web site paying for SEO and submitted free articles to the newspaper.   What really cased my business to take off was when I listed my business on FREE Google local search and had 5 star reviews submitted.  Yelp and Angie’s list also helped.  This brought good paying customers.
  7. When starting your business you need to consider the cost for advertisement. There are very creative ways to advertise without spending lots of money.   Check it out online.  You don’t need to go into more debt to advertise.   You’re already there!  Don’t dig a pit so deep that you can’t get out of it.   Use only your profits for advertisement.   For me I found I had to go get em!  When I first started I did door to door knocking! It was FREE! And I had great success!  I did around $4,000 a month with just that.  I dint have to sell to make money I only informed people I provided a service in the area then asked if they had questions or concerns.  Sometimes I offered to clean 1 room for free only if they promised to tell a friend or give a review online.   This brought lots of business.  Be creative.  You have more time than equity so use your time to invest.


So there it is.  Go make it happen!  Do your research and be willing to be creative and work hard.   It’s very rewarding.   Fulfill your American dream and follow your heart but don’t forget your head in the process! I hope you experience great success a I did!

If you live in Denton TX, Flower Mound TX, or Lewisville TX and need carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning or pet odor removal then you can contact us at or 940-206-2372.