First-time homebuyers make up almost 35 percent of all people buying homes in the U.S. Are you one of those people looking for advice on floor maintenance? Maintaining your floors makes your new home sparkle and will impress your guests.

Several floor care options include hiring a professional, creating a routine, and replacing old floors. While there are several projects to tackle as a new homeowner, floor care should be at the top of your list!

Here’s more on a first-time homeowner’s guide to floor maintenance. 

Hire a Professional

Expert floor care is one of the best options for your new home. When you first move into your new home, professionals can give your whole home a good cleaning, regardless of the types of flooring. Experts know how to care for each type of flooring even if it’s in terrible condition.

Professional cleaners will remove stains, allergens, and anything else lurking in your carpets or hardwood floors. When you rid your home of allergens, it will make your home healthier. People with asthma or other breathing problems suddenly feel better!

Moreover, a professional floor cleaning crew will come to your home with all the necessary equipment and chemicals, leaving your house spotless. You won’t have to spend money on expensive heavy-duty vacuums or rental equipment. 

Create a Routine

Think about creating a floor maintenance routine in your home to keep on top of maintaining your floors. 

Make a list of when you should clean the floors in each room. For example, clean the floors in the living and dining rooms on Monday and Thursdays. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, clean the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. You can clean the floors in the bedrooms on Sunday (or Wednesday). 

Assign sweeping and vacuuming duties to family members. Having a floor maintenance routine allows everyone in your family to take pride in their home. It also keeps the house clean for surprise guests.

Replace Old Floors 

New homeowners might want to replace old floors quickly. It’s easier to install new flooring when the house is empty. Thankfully, there are many flooring options, including carpets. 

Installing new flooring is quick. Workers are typically out of your home in a short amount of time, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. 

New flooring also comes with new floor care options, so it’s best to talk to an installation expert about how to care for your new flooring. 

Floor Maintainance Advice for New Homeowners 

Are you thinking about ways to tackle floor maintenance as a new homeowner? Hiring a professional, creating a routine, and replacing old floors are all ways to keep your home in excellent condition. As a new homeowner, your home is pride and joy, and you’ll want to show it off! 

As professionals in floor maintenance, contact us today and let us help you to get started. We can give your floors and carpets a good scrubbing to get you on a path to a clean home. You will notice the difference immediately!