tile flooring

Tile floors are an excellent low-maintenance flooring option that work especially well in bathrooms and kitchens.

However, even the lowest maintenance floor needs to be properly cleaned and cared for sometimes. If tile flooring isn’t cared for in the right way, your home can appear dirty, spotty, and even dull. Nobody wants that!

Do you want to maintain your spotless, shiny, and splatter-free tile flooring? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing our tile floor maintenance tips, so adhere to these suggestions.

Dry Cleaning Your Tile Floors

Approximately once every week, you should dry clean your floors. It’s healthy for the tile and prevents grit and debris from accumulating and being tracked around the house. As you move around, accumulated particles might damage the tile’s polish and reduce its luster.

Simply sweep or vacuum the entire space, being sure to reach under counters and sinks, to dry clean a tile floor. While vacuums are fantastic for getting the job done fast, brooms have advantages including the ability to fit into tight spots without damaging accessories.

Additionally, dry cleaning might need to be done more regularly in cluttered areas like bustling kitchens.

Wet Cleaning Your Tile Floors

After you dry clean your tile floors and make sure all debris is gone, it’s time to wet clean.

You should wet-clean your floors at least once a month. While there are numerous specialty cleaners for every conceivable surface and substance, you can make your own DIY tile floor cleaner for the majority of tile floors for a lot less money.

To wet clean your flooring, you may use a Swiffer or a mop. Make sure you replace the Swiffer wet wipe for each room and change the mop water frequently when cleaning.

Clean the Grout

You might need to use a toothbrush or small bristle brush together with a grout cleaner if your grout starts to look particularly grimy.

Did you know that you can create a homemade cleaning paste using hydrogen peroxide, mild soap, and baking soda for cleaning tile floors? With a brush, apply the cleaner, then scrub the surfaces clean.

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Spot Treat Tile Staining

Stains are uncommon on tile because much of it is non-porous. Mopping can frequently release dried-on splatters, but occasionally a stain may prove more difficult to remove.

If stains persist, use hot water and detergent followed by a dab of hydrogen peroxide to help them come out. Club soda can be used to remove grease stains, or a commercial cleaner if that’s what’s needed. Try allowing a cleaning solution to sit for a little while to help remove anything that has dried on.

Keep Your Tile Flooring Sparkling Clean

Tile flooring is a long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance type of flooring. But like any other type of flooring, it requires special attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Now that you’re aware of these tips, you can keep your tile floors sparkling clean! For more tips that will help you keep your home and floors clean, click here.