Even though candles are not used as much as they used too they still are used for ambiance and sweet aromas.   Candles are used more often today than what most people consider.    It’s most common today to use them for creating delightful sweet home aromas or special occasions (like Christmas or Valentines) and or a possible intimate setting with your spouse etc.  Whichever way someone decides to use a candle nowadays it’s important to always remember that they are not as protected from wax drippings as the early days.  Colorful candles today can tend to drip onto beautiful white, brown, grey or any colored carpeted flooring or upholstery.  This results in a changing the color and softness of the fiber structure into a hardened candle stain.   When this happens it can harden fast and create a solid spot right on a carpeted fiber surface.

At Quality Care Carpet Cleaning we care about the softness and color of your floor.  So in this blog I want to share with you some proven tips that could help in a possible resolve your desperate situation.  By the time you finish reading this it will have a better understanding as to how to remove candle wax from your carpet fibers.

So here is how it works…

  1. Break it up.  As a professional carpet cleaner as I’m removing wax in someone’s home I first try to remove as much as possible with a sharp object like a butter knife.  I usually break up big chunks and attempt to scrape the top surface by removing as much as I can.  After I break up the big chunks I place the knife blade down towards the carpet and do a top scraping motion back and forth to shave the candle wax off the fibers.
  2. What you need next. Now what you do is grab a hot iron with a brown paper bag or wet rag. Then cut the bag with succors exposing a single layer and then place it on the wax stain.

3.Plug in the iron.  Have your iron heat up to a mid-heat level.  Most setting say “Cotton”   That’s the setting you want for the right temperature.   This will heat tempt will melt the wax like the melting of butter on a peter pan.

  1. Apply the iron.  Now you can place the Iron over the brown paper bag. Just so you know you the bag will not catch on fire. Soon after you apply this you should notice the wax stating to become a liquid.  You should be noticing it transferring to the brown paper bag.  This method is called a heat transfer.  It will cause the wax to liquefy and be removed from the fibers of your beautiful carpet and transferred to the brown throwaway bag.   This will bring so much joy you may end up doing the happy dance!
  2. Repeat. It is very common to have to repeat this process several times to get it completely out.   It takes time and patience.  As you’re repeating replace the bag when needed.  If you don’t have the time to fiddle then contact your local professional carpet cleaner.   

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