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Having carpet in your home is beneficial in several ways. It keeps your feet warm during the cooler months and it offers a soft landing for little ones. Although carpet is a great choice for many homeowners, keeping it clean is a lot more difficult than keeping a hard floor clean. The fibers that make up the carpet harvest dust, dirt, and other debris. If something were to spill on it, the cleanup requires much more effort than a tile or wood, and rug cleaner might not always get the stain out.

Before you decide to give up on your carpet completely, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners. Professional carpet cleaners come prepared to tackle tough carpet stains and bring your carpet back to its original state. They’ll use treatment options and tools that you won’t find at your local home improvement store.

Continue reading below to learn all of the signs that it’s time to hire the professionals!

1. Your Home Houses Children and Pets

Your children and your pets make your home. Without them, would feel empty and quiet. They’re also most likely the main reason why you’re searching for carpet cleaning advice.

Children and pets are known to causes spills, have accidents, and perform other tasks that lead to carpet damages. You spend each day cleaning up after them, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. However, if your home is run by children and pets, then you most likely need professional carpet cleaners to come in and clean your carpets for you.

All those dingy areas left after cleaning up mud, dirt, juice, slime, and more can now be brought back to their original form.

2. A Stain Keeps Reappearing

After a spill happens, you jump on top of it and clean it as soon as possible. You do your best to remove the stain and once you’re done, it looks pretty good. The stain seems to be lifted and your carpet is saved.

A few days later, however, you notice the stain creeping its way back up to the surface. When spills fall onto your carpet, they pass through the carpet fibers and settle into the padding underneath. You may be able to remove the stain from the top layer of your carpet, but over time it’ll resurface.

If you have a stain that keeps reappearing, then it’s time to contact professional services. They have the cleaning essentials required to remove that stubborn stain for good.

3. It’s No Longer Fluffy or Soft

One of the best things about having carpet in your home is being able to sink your feet into the fluffy coziness of it when waking up in the mornings or when settling down after a long day on your feet. When your carpet is no longer soft or fluffy, it almost loses its purposes.

If you’re ready to have your carpet removed due to its now flattened state, then consider calling in the professionals first. After a good professional cleaning, your carpet’s fibers will be brought back to life, and you’ll be able to feel like you’re stepping on clouds again.

4. There’s a Bad Odor Coming From It

You vacuum your carpet regularly and cleaned it yourself with a carpet cleaner rental and deodorizer it. There shouldn’t be a reason for it to smell bad, but you can’t help but smell a bad odor coming from it.

When the padding under your carpet becomes wet from either a spill or an unprofessional cleaning, it can begin to grow mold or mildew. This might be the musky smell you’re noticing.

If you believe your carpet might be growing mold under it, then be sure to have a professional carpet cleaning service come out and inspect it for you. You’ll want to have any mold and mildew removed as soon as possible to prevent health issues.

5. There’s a Lot of Dust When You Vacuum

After vacuuming your carpets, do you notice that you’re dumping out a large amount of dust from inside the vacuum? This is due to dust and dirt that enter the home either on shoes or from the windows and under the doors.

Trying to remove all of this dust with store-bought carpet cleaners can be a challenge all on its own. A professional service will know how to remove this dust and allow your carpet to breathe again.

6. It Hasn’t Had Professional Cleaning

There are plenty of physical signs that it’s time to call in the professionals, but another sign is that you haven’t had professional cleaning done to your carpet in quite some time. When’s the last time you had professional cleaners come into your home and clean your carpets?

Has it been years? Have you ever had professionals clean your carpets or rugs for you?

If so, then this is a good indication that your carpets are in need of professional cleaning. A home with pets and children in it should have professional carpet cleaning done twice a year.

A home that isn’t as active should have it done once a year. Be sure to schedule your appointments and create a routine.

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Do you relate to any of these signs listed above? If so, then it’s most likely time to contact a professional rug cleaner today. Let the professionals tackle the job for you.

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