Carpet Cleaning

With almost 70% of American households owning a pet, your carpet may have seen some…interesting things in its lifetime. Pets track mud, shed hair, and even might experience an occasional accident on your poor carpet.

Thankfully, there are lots of specific carpet cleaning tips for pet owners. These tips not only help keep your carpet clean but will lead to a more hygienic home.

Keep reading for all the pet carpet cleaning tips you could want!

1. Clean Pet Equals Clean Carpet

When your pet is well groomed, they won’t shed as much hair. This means much less fur build-up in the carpet and less carpet cleaning work for you.

They’ll also smell much cleaner. So, if they decide to have a merry roll around on your carpet, there’ll be no bad odor transfer. Odour build-up will also be prevented.

Finally, keeping your pet clean prevents a huge amount of mud transfer. After all, your pet can’t traipse mud on your carpet if there’s no mud on their paws to begin with.

2. Vacuum Often

If you’re seeking a pet hair removal hero, look no further than your trusty vacuum. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will suck up hair, dirt, and traces of any mess you might have missed.

Always check and clean your vacuum filter after using it to help get rid of pet hair on your carpet. You’ll prevent it from getting blocked or damaged by removing pet hair quickly after vacuuming it up.

3. Use the Right Carpet Cleaning Products

There are plenty of carpet cleaning remedies and products to choose from. However, not all of them are right for damage caused by pets. For example, using kitchen towels to clean up messes could push them further into your carpet!

One highly recommended product for carpet pet mess is white vinegar. It helps to remove stains without using the chemicals you’ll find inside store-bought carpet cleaners.

4. Try Out a Carpet Cleaning Service

It’s good to get your carpet cleaned professionally often, especially if you have pets. Professional carpet cleaners will not only get your carpet looking like new. They’ll also decrease the number of harmful bacteria in your carpet, making your home a healthier place to live.

Try out Quality Care Carpet Cleaning for a huge range of home improvement services. From pet odor removal to carpet cleaning, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

5. Handle Any Messes ASAP

The sooner they’re cleaned up, the less damage they do. This is particularly true for wet messes, as they will sink into your carpet. If you spot a wet mess on your carpet, dry it up and use the right cleaning products to stop stains in their tracks.

Solid messes can cause the same problem, especially if someone steps on them. If they get stepped on, it’s easy to inadvertently walk them through your house, creating even more problems. Get them cleaned up fast to avoid more work for you down the line.

Give Your Carpet a New Lease of Life

Keeping your carpet clean with pets around can seem like a never-ending battle. From muddy paws to finding hair everywhere, there’s no shortage of mess to clean up.

Follow the tips above to keep your carpet clean and fresh no matter the mess! Treat it to a professional clean every so often to freshen it up.

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