Many of us are attracted by low price because we want to stay within a budget.  However, some carpet cleaners use unbelievably low prices as the bait for their false and misleading advertising.  They offer a cheap price per room and then, once they are in your home, they begin to charge you for things that should have been part of the quoted cleaning price.  This is known as “bait and switch.” For example, charging for pre-spray product for spots and soiled areas.  All this should be included in the “Special” they advertised.  They say if you really want your carpets looking clean then you have to pay more for their product or a better product.   However, some carpets do need extra attention and should be charged extra for separate services like stain removal, carpet repairs, odor removal, deep scrub, carpet protection etc… Carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some unethical carpet cleaners would like you to believe.  Before choosing your carpet cleaner ask them what is offered in their cleaning process.


Some carpet cleaners are very good salesmen that brag about their experience and knowledge on carpet cleaning.  Though it is good for every carpet cleaner to be certified and have experience to go with their trade,  some oversell themselves by using their knowledge to convince the customer that they are worth $$$.   In the end, they can overcharge for common knowledge in the industry like rust removal, pre- spray product, Scotch Guard etc… They are smart crooks that take advantage of people’s unawareness of fair pricing.  


We all want to believe what we read, but from experience, we know it not to always be true.  Every company is looking for a way to acquire your business.  Reputable companies make claims and provide evidence to support their claims.  However, many use false or unsupported advertising claims to build “trust” with you.  Today “green cleaning” is promoted everywhere.  Just know that a lot of carpet cleaners don’t want to pay the higher price for good green cleaning products and lie about what they are cleaning your carpets with in order to gain your business.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of dishonesty in the carpet cleaning business. This is where you as a consumer must use wisdom.  


Wet and Jet! (clean fast and get out) Most carpet cleaner technicians working for a company are paid commission. Therefore they are either going to do a lot of jobs in one day to make their money, or if you are not willing to spend more than the low priced clean, they will rush through the job and not clean it properly.  


When I worked with a large carpet cleaning company, I witnessed many improperly trained technicians cleaning carpets in people’s homes.  There were plenty of upset customers and redos.  The focus was more on sales than skill.  So the pressure to sale was pushed and the skill level was lacking.  All of this directly affected the customer.    Also, the overturn of techs was in large numbers so the trucks had to be filled with one week trained techs.   It’s very important to have a certified and experienced technician cleaning one of the most expensive assets in your home.