If you buy carpet, what I do recommend?

When I’m out cleaning carpets everyday of the week I notice certain carpets lasting longer than others. I look for fibers that are stain resistant as well as tolerant to traffic ware. In my professional experience I have found Berber carpet to be the best.

Below I have listed both pros and cons for purchasing Berber carpet. Check it out!

5 Advantages

1. Durability: Durability has nearly become synonymous with Berber carpet.

2. Stain resistant: For those of you who have kids or pets Berber carpet is very spill and stain resistant except for oil. All of the varieties of Berber carpet tend not to absorb spills, allowing you to blot them up before making its way to your carpet pad.

3. Aesthetically appealing/versatile: Berber carpets allow for unique designs and color schemes. Berber carpet often has a flecked color scheme giving it a great ability to adapt to multiple interior design schemes.

4. Comfort: Berber carpet’s looped design provides a cushiony feel under your feet. This is especially true with wool and nylon varieties. Olefin and polyester also share this feel to some degree. However, some people find olefin and polyester to have a rough feel on bare feet.

5. Economical: Berber carpets are known to be a great value.

3 Disadvantages

1. Snags: It is possible to snag a loop of Berber carpet. If left untreated, the snag can unravel and cause a much worse problem. Check out our Berber carpet repair guide to prevent this from happening. While snags are possible, the majority of people with Berber carpet don’t have a problem with snagging.

2. Rough: Some people do think the cheaper Berber carpets have a rough feel. With this in mind, many families have cheaper olefin Berber carpets and find them very comfortable.

3. Cats: Some people have found that their cats like to use Berber carpet as a scratching post.